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Bitsler Casino Review | Sign Up & Get $150 BTC Bonus

Bitsler Casino is a top-rated casino for earning cryptocurrency or any local currency. The Bitsler is a casino website available worldwide for playing casino games. Anyone can register on the Bitsler casino website for free, and you can also receive some bonuses offered by the casino website. 


How To Register For Bitsler Casino

You might know that anyone who is interested in playing casino games on the Bitsler website can register for free and receive some exciting bonuses given by the casino website. You can also follow the Bitsler register steps to make your life easier. 

Step 1 – First thing first, visit the Bitsler website.

Step 2 – On the Bitsler website, click on the register button. 

Bitsler casino

Step 3 – Enter your email address and date of birth and click on register. 

Step 4 – Afterwards, you will receive a verification code in your email, which you have to enter while registering to the Bitsler Casino website. 

Bitsler Login

Step 5 – Also, entering your email address is not the only option to make a Bitsler account because you can make a Bitsler account by connecting your Gmail or Twitch account.

That’s it. Your registration for a Bitsler account will be accomplished. Now, you will also get a register bonus on the Bitsler website. The Bitsler bonus you receive will be according to your preferred currency. Therefore, you can receive Bitcoins, USD, INR, other cryptocurrencies, etc as a bonus. 

What Is Bitsler Casino

Bitsler Casino is a popular worldwide website for playing casino games. The Bitsler Casino has been available since 2015 year. From now on, the Bitsler has become a trusted casino, and with over more than 26 cryptocurrencies available for doing transactions, the Bitsler Casino never disappoints its users. 

Anyone who is interested in playing casino games can register for the Bitsler website and along with that, receive some exciting bonuses given by the website. These bonuses include a new user bonus, no deposit bonus, etc.

Casino Games Available In Bitsler 

The Bitsler Casino website is all about casino-related things. You can get any casino game you want to play on the Bitsler website. That’s why there are many casino games available on the Bitsler website, with many different categories and modes. 

1. Card Games – Playing card games on the Bitsler is also a part of casino games. There are many card games you can access through the Bitsler website, from playing Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, etc games are part of the Bitsler website. Not only that, these card games come with many different modes and versions of their own.

2. Roulette Games – To give you an enhanced experience Bitsler Casino has come with many Roulette games for play. You can play flash roulette, lightning roulette, mega roulette, live roulette, etc. Not to mention, you can now play your favorite roulette game in your own language which is a very exciting feature offered by the Bitsler Casino.

Bitsler Games

3. Solts Games – While playing casino games, who can forget about the Slots games? That’s why users can also play a hundred slot games on the Bitsler Casino. Yes, you heard it right because Bitsler has featured more than 300 slot games on their website, which is a very huge number. 

Also, it will give you an exciting experience of playing slot games because now you will play some never played before slot games on the casino website. 

4. Esports Games – You can also access esports games on the website. But it’s not that you will play esports games because you can only do betting on live esports games. Therefore, if you have a decent knowledge of esports games, you can do betting on your favorite team. 

Hence, you can bet on some popular esports games such as Valorant, Counter-Strike, Dota 2, League of legends, Mobile legends, etc.

How To Use Bitsler Affiliate

The Bitsler Casino also contains an affiliate program where existing users can join and make money from it. The commission rate is very high if you start using the Bitsler Casino Affiliate. But it’s not that easy to join the Bitsler Casino Affiliate program. You have to fulfill the website requirements for joining their program. 

Also, you cannot join the Bitsler affiliate on their casino website because they have provided another whole different website to join their affiliate program and make money from it. The website where you can join the Bitsler Affiliate program is Bitsler

Follow the steps required to join the Bitsler Affiliate program.

Step 1 – Firstly, visit the Bitsler Partners website. 

Step 2 – Click the register button.

Step 3 – Enter your email address. Make sure to enter a different email address than what you have entered on the Bitsler Casino website.

Step 4 – Enter more requirements which are username, password, IM mode, IM username/id, way of promotion, and target Geos.

Step 5 – Lastly, click on the register.

You will be all done, but you have to wait for a few days to verify your Bitsler Affiliate account. Once your account is verified, you will be contacted by the Bitsler team, and afterward, you can share your Bitsler affiliate link with others to earn commission from them.

Bitsler Customer Support

Bitsler protects its users by giving them customer support. Therefore, you can get the Bitsler Casino customer support by visiting the casino website, and a chat will open where you can ask your questions to their customer support. 

Alternatively, you can contact Bitsler customer support by giving a mail to them. The Bitsler customer support email is [email protected]

Bitsler Casino Review

As you can see, Bitsler Casino is a top-rated casino in most terms. With an easy registration process and many register bonuses, you can trust the Bitsler Casino. However, registering bonuses is not the only exciting part of the casino website because there are also many casino games available to get the best casino experience on the Bitsler website.

Along with that, you can register on the Bitsler affiliate program to make huge money from the website and get a safe experience by getting Bitsler Casino customer support. 

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